Teatro Romano

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The Roman theater of Malaga are the archaeological remains of the theater of ancient Malaga and the main vestige preserved from the Roman presence in Malaga. It is located in the historic center of the city, at the foot of the hill of the Alcazaba. Work of the first years of the Empire, its design corresponds to a mixed construction that combines the use of the slope of the hill for the grandstand -like the Greek theaters- with an important construction where the rock is non-existent, creating the necessary space for the stands.

It is a theater of medium dimensions that retains much of the cavea or grandstand, the orchestra richly decorated with large marble slabs, and the scaena, which today has reproduced its pavement with a wooden floor as the one that would have in its moment of use. The scenic apparatus would close to the bottom with an ornamental facade decorated with bays, columns and sculptures, from which several specimens have been recovered ..

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